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Stories shape our world, and the prevalence of “heroes” who are still killers is all too common, even among the latest trends in so-called feminist cinema.Female authors and readers alike experience feelings of alienation and oppression due to constant objectification, marginalization, and generally awful female character writing. And, considering the near-total dearth of mainstream media that passes a bare-minimum Bechdel Test…it’s time to raise the bar.

Let’s work together to change the narrative.

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What’s the difference between a hero and a heroine, and why does it matter?

Explore what that means, for yourself and for your work, as a writer, as a woman, and as a culture-maker with a voice in a world that is changing faster than we can type. Let’s figure out, together, what it means to create stories that liberate rather than oppress.For me, it starts with the golden triad of every story: the plot, the theme, and the characters, and that’s what we will focus on in this actionable, concise 4-part online course.

Change the narrative, change the world.

The course emphasizes these three essential components of your story:

  • Structure. Each and every step in your plot contributes to the paradigm you’re creating. Learn to craft a narrative arc that feels true to how a heroine might travel.
  • Armature. Inquisitive, deep-digging questions help you build a framework for a story that consciously contributes to how you want culture to change.
  • Archetypes. Classic flavors with an ecofeminist twist! Archetypes can help you craft multi-layered, unforgettable characters, settings, and milieus.

Here’s a sneak preview from Week 1 of the course:

Heroine's journey workshop welcome

What you get when you join the Writing Heroines community

  • Learn a new storycrafting formula, for any genre. Because the classic hero’s journey pattern is so effective, and so compelling, we don’t eschew it completely. Instead, we balance it, embrace it, and bring it into step with a culture we can be proud to help create.
  • Engage with a community of ecofeminist writers. Our writing isn’t just about our own stories, right? It’s about what happens to them when they leave our minds and go out, as printed, spoken, and shared words, to become their own living legacies. As we navigate the crafting of our heroine’s journey, we also explore what it means, in our own lives, to be the vectors for these stories, together.
  • Generate a fresh body of original written work. The tools here are designed to provoke actual writing, of stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end, that you can be proud to publish, share, and sell.

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