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Your first message will arrive in a few minutes and then once a week for a month, which is generally the best pace if you really want to try these techniques and have time to ruminate between classes. You may need to check your spam filters. For best results, when you find the message, move it to your inbox and add me to your contacts! 

Otherwise, if you can’t find the messages, please just come here to get the classes, whenever you want. Email can be really unreliable, but everything is right here for you.


If you’d like to share and discuss your progress and/or creative work from this course, the Writing Heroines group is the best forum for that.If you don’t love Facebook, and/or if you want to explore other forums, go here.

Publish Your Work

If you write something wonderful and you want to publish it on Permaculture Women Magazine, we’d love to have you! Go here for info.

Classes in this Course

The recommended pace is one class per week, but you may access any of these at any time, forever!

As I mentioned earlier…I do suggest a donation of $10-$50 for this course.

Payments are processed in USD, through a secure, encrypted portal.

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