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Below the next video you’ll find three circles: the classic hero’s journey a la Joseph Campbell, Maureen Murdoch’s heroine’s journey, and my version. Refer to these images while you listen to the video. 

Introduction to heroine's journey storytelling structure

Here’s Joseph Campbell’s “monomyth,” designed to analyze the common patterns in stories throughout the ages, and still followed by classically-trained writers of all genres:

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Here’s Maureen Murdoch’s version from her book, The Heroine’s Journey: a Woman’s Quest for Wholeness, designed to support women on a psychological journey:

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And here’s my version, designed to support feminist writers who value the traditional craft but want to create a new generation of stories that subvert, rather than uphold patriarchy and violent oppression:

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Writing Practice: Write an outline based on the heroine’s journey

Using the diagram above, create a draft outline of a story you’d like to write. If all you have is a vague idea, that’s fine! Just make up 12 story beats that correspond with each of the 12 steps in the above diagram, and write them down.

There’s a ton of stuff to think about here, and we’ve got a thriving community of brilliant, creative feminist writers, just waiting to unpack everything with you.

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