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Why I use permaculture for everything 

an ode to the principles and processes of nature as applied to teaching and organizing my writing career

You've found the blog of Heather Jo Flores, author/founder of Food Not Lawns, director of Permaculture Women's Guild, and creator of the #freepermaculture project.

Welcome! Please join me in my free online courses for creative people who love plants.

Heather Jo Flores

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Gaining Ground: 8 Places to Grow Food if You Don’t Have Access to Land 

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Top 20+ Best Permaculture Books by Women 

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Permaculture Women Magazine

I am one of more than 100 writers contributing to this collaborative publication.

Here's a selection of articles about organic gardening:

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Free Online Courses for Creative Folks Who Love Plants

Select from a unique collection of unique and original courses & resources based on permaculture, friendship marketing, the heroine's journey. I specialize in stuff for women writers, but you don't have to be a writer nor a woman to enjoy my work--all types of creative people will love these resources.

Heather Jo Flores

344-pages of permaculture how-to

Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community

This was my first book, published in 2006 and based on a decade of community gardening and grassroots activism. Read the entire, original text, with more than 90 original illustrations by Jackie Holmstrom, for free:

Heather Jo Flores

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Naked Lady Soup

Part memoir, part manifesto, part magical realism, this fast and funny novel tells the story of a group of young, creative, single women trying to navigate the absurd and hilarious woes of modern relationships while also trying to stay sane, make the rent, and manage to enjoy what's left of their youth. Written in 2008, 180 pages

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